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Poverty Row Collections SUPREME PICTURES, Vol. 1

Here are four Poverty Row movies on two discs, all from B-western specialist Supreme Pictures:  

BRANDED A COWARD (1935) Johnny Mack Brown, Billie Seward, Syd Saylor.  As a boy, Johnny witnesses the massacre of his family by outlaws, but he does nothing even though he held a gun in his hand.  Years later he is known as a coward until a bandit called, “The Cat” comes to town. 

COURAGEOUS AVENGER (1935) Johnny Mack Brown, Helen Ericson, Warner Richmond.  One of Johnny’s best.  He plays an agent brought in to crack a ring of desert bandits.  The gang has been stealing bullion shipments coming out of a local gold mine operated by the evil stepfather of Johnny’s gal.  A bizarre, almost horrific twist in the plotline has the bandits using wandering drifters lost in the desert for slave labor.   One terrific scene has the half-mad captives revolting in a particularly maniacal manner.  Highly recommended.  Wow!  Lone Pine gem!  

BIG CALIBRE (1935) Bob Steele, Peggy Campbell, Bill Quinn, Perry Murdock.  A mad chemist kills Bob's dad with poison gas and steals the family's fortune.  He tracks the killer, who wears a sinister disguise, to a small western town.  The final chase involving horse and auto is fantastic.  A fine B western with horror elements.  Listed in the Forgotten Horrors book.  

BETWEEN MEN (1935) Johnny Mack Brown, William Farnum, Earl Dwire, Beth Marion.  A great western!  During a fight, a young boy is shot down by thugs.  His enraged father tracks down and kills the ruffians, then flees before he is arrested.  Little does he know that his son was only wounded and is still alive.  Years later, the boy--now a man--sets out to uncover what happened to his dad.  Beth Marion is stunning, a true B western beauty.  From a great 16mm print. 


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