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Poverty Row Collections

Poverty Row Collections TIFFANY PRODUCTIONS, Vol. 1

PAINTED FACES (1929) Joe E. Brown, Helen Foster, Barton Hepburn, Dorothy Gulliver. A vaudeville actor is slain backstage and another performer is tried for the crime. When the jury deliberates the case, one lone juror holds out for his innocence. Interesting drama and a very unusual role for Brown. From 16mm.

LOST ZEPPELIN (1929) Ricardo Cortez, Conway Tearle, Virginia Valli. An early talkie about an ill-fated trip to the South Pole in a huge zeppelin. This is really a pretty cool early sci-fi adventure film, but we'd be grossly deceiving you if we didn't tell you that Valli turns in one of the most nauseating, over-the-top performances ever by a female lead. Fortunately, she's not in the movie much except for the beginning and the end. From 16mm.

DRUMS OF JEOPARDY (1931) Warner Oland, Lloyd Hughes, June Collyer, Hale Hamilton. A great old dark house chiller! Oland plays a mad scientist out to murder the man (and his family!) who was responsible for his daughter's death. Lab scenes, spooky houses, poison gas, a grossly underrated full blooded horror gem. You don't wanna miss it. From 16mm.

ARIZONA TERROR (1931) Ken Maynard, Hooper Atchley, Lisa Basquette. A top-of-the-line early B western. Ken is dry-gulched by four thugs who buy horses and then commit murder to get their cash back. Ken ends up framed for one of the killings! He clears himself though, with the aid of a Mexican bandit. Tarzan never looked better, doing some great stunts and two eye-popping jumps over a big wall. From 16mm.

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