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(1952) Richard Devon, Wm. Leslie, Sherwood Price, Peggy Nelson, Phyllis Coates. You’ve hit pay dirt. Though the competition is keen, we believe this may be the worst western of the ‘40s and ‘50s. The plot involves a stage holdup, with the gang leaving the passengers in the desert to die. Devon and Nelson then spend much of the film just standing around and talking about past incidents that are then shown in flashback. The stage robbery is laughable—much of it was filmed in long shots and dubbed later ala Beast of Yucca Flats. The director, Rick Freers, had a thing for shooting his cast from the waist down or from their backsides. This is contrasted by odd close-ups that were obviously filmed in front of a gray screen and not on location. Then there’s the bank robbery scene, much of which is, again, shot from the waist down. The guns are obviously cap guns. But when one of the robbers guns down the sheriff on the bank floor, he gives off a maniacal laugh worthy of Bill Woods in Dwain Esper’s Maniac. Much of the music, believe it or not, is from The Flying Serpent. The water trough scene with Devon and Coates had to be the most embarrassing moment of Devon’s career. Devon once complained in an interview about having to put up with the low budget hi-jinks of Roger Corman. This movie makes Roger Corman look like Frank Capra. And as if all this isn’t enough, you’ll be treated to the most non-sensical, jarring edits of all time. Extra footage of Indians and cavalry was edited in, obviously as filler material, and has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. My kids could make a better movie. Life won’t be complete without this turkey. 16mm.

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