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Westerns NO MAN'S LAW*

Pathe - Theodore Von Eltz, Barbara Kent, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson. A great B western with superb characterizations by all. Two desert thugs plot to murder an aging miner and his step-daughter. This storyline sounds pretty standard, but the sexual overtones of this film are far beyond anything you would normally see in an old-time B western. Kent has a very seductive skinny-dipping scene that entices both Von Eltz and Hardy, but the real topper comes later when Von Eltz lustfully approaches her as she lies in bed late at night. The eye contact and facial expressions are unforgettable. Kent’s beauty adds to the film’s lustful electricity. She exudes the same kind of magnetic sexual innocence and loveliness that Marion Marsh did in SVENGALI. In its own subtle way, this is possibly the most erotic B western ever. Yet, there remains plentiful action and adventure to complement the proceedings, including some great chase scenes involving Hardy. It’s a little unnerving to see Hardy, one of the great funnymen of all time, playing such a dastardly SOB. Not only is he wanted for many heinous crimes, but he attempts to rape or murder every member of the cast! (Watch for the scene where Ollie tries to dump Finlayson off a cliff!). Stunning Death Valley cinematography. Highly recommended. Music score, 16mm.

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