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(1935, aka THE DEATH OF SENSATION) Sergei Vecheslov, Maria Volgin, Vladimir Gardin, Anna Chekulaeva.  An ASTONISHING film!  We have simply never seen anything quite like it.  The story concerns a work colony that slaves away, day after day, in a large factory filled with intricate conveyor belts.  The factory is owned by greedy capitalists.  One day, after a worker is hurt in a conveyor belt mishap, the factory’s chief scientist is inspired to create a series of robots to aid the workers.  A small army of these giant robots is created, controlled by electronic beams and also by sound, specifically odd-sounding whistles and—believe it or not—a saxophone!  There is a surreal scene late at night when the scientist—completely drunk—uses the sax to entice the robots into a haunting, lumbering dance sequence.  Later, to the scientist’s dismay, the capitalists decide the robots can replace the workers altogether.  During a robot demonstration, a worker is nearly crushed to death.  This causes unrest among the workers, so the capitalists send their army of robots out to destroy the work colony.  Little do they know that the workers themselves have devised a way of controlling the robots.  Armed with rifles, the workers—and the robots—march upon the capitalists’ stronghold to destroy them.  The visuals in this film are AMAZING.  The B&W photography is stunning with marvelous close-ups and beautiful use of light and shadow.  Watch for the great scene where the scientist uses the towering robots to back his girlfriend up against a factory wall—her expression of amusement turning to terror as the robots lumber toward her.  The film’s climax is superb as the robots—now controlled by the capitalists—march in formation toward the work colony.  The scientist runs through their ranks, frantically playing his sax in an effort to turn them back.  The film also boasts a terrific music score.  IMPORTANT: This film is in Russian with no subtitles.  However, the story is so visual in nature that it’s easy to understand the goings-on.  Regardless, we have added a few English narration cards to help explain the story line.  The best science fiction film we have seen in years.  From 35mm. 

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