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Poverty Row Collections CHESTERFIELD/INVINCIBLE, Vol. 2

CONDEMNED TO LIVE (1935) Ralph Morgan, Maxine Doyle, Mischa Auer. This well-done chiller has Morgan becoming a vampire at certain times and terrorizing a small European village. His stupid, but totally loyal servent tries to help him keep it a secret. Climax shot in Bronson Caverns up in LA's Griffith Park. 16mm

DEATH FROM A DISTANCE (1936) Russell Hopton, Lola Lane. A mysterious planetary observatory is the setting for a mysterious murder plot. The lights go out and...well...you know. Not often you see Hopton as the hero. From 16mm

HOUSE OF SECRETS (1936) Leslie Fenton, Muriel Evans. A man inherits an eerie mansion that's filled with mystery and terror. When he comes onto the grounds to claim the estate he's chased off by two strangers. What mystery lurks behind the house's walls? Hmmm... Remastered from a top 16mm original print.

MISSING GIRLS (1936) Roger Pryor, Muriel Evans, Noel Madison. Top Chesterfield film starts like an exploitation flick then veers into crime and intrigue. See a U.S. Senator gunned down by gangsters! Watch for the shootout with Ma Bolton's gang at the end of the film--very cool. A very, VERY underrated poverty row gem. From 16mm

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