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Mystery-Suspense-Film Noir

Mystery MEDUSA

George Hamilton, Cameron Mitchell, Lucianna Paluzzi. This is a real bad movie gem (2.5 on IMDB).  A luxurious yacht is found floating on the Aegean Sea, apparently abandoned, except for two lifeless bodies.  Proceeding from this perplexing beginning, the story, which is told in flashback by Hamilton (who's dead!), revolves around a Greek setting where folks are being brutally murdered by a masked maniac.  The prime suspects are Hamilton, who gives an over-the-top performance as a drunken American playboy; and Mitchell, who plays a typical '70s gangster-type.  The problem here is that Hamilton, who produced the movie, didn't really know how to direct himself (his director, Gordon Hessler, probably didn't dare say "boo" to him).  The result is a laughably uneven performance.  And the movie itself, which tries hard to come off as a hip '70s crime film, has an excessively cheezy feel to it.  And we mean cheeeeeezy!  In this regard it's actually great fun!  That is...if you like cheezy movies (which we adore).  Certainly Medusa has to be looked at as a quintessential example of why actors, as a general rule, should NOT produce their own movies.  Great, schlocky fun.  Nice color, from 16mm.

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