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(1949, Upgraded 12/14/21) Richard Todd, Valerie Hobson, Christine Norden, Tom Walls, Ralph Truman, Alexander Gauge. The dashing Richard Todd plays an up and coming author who absconds with his beautiful blonde mistress (the wife of his publisher) on an outbound train.  Soonafter the train leaves the station he has second thoughts and, much to the chagrin of everyone else on board, pulls the emergency cord and brings the train to a sudden stop.  He flees from the train but looks back to witness its collision with another roaring locomotive, which results in giant smash-up with many injuries.  He's soon on the run trying to elude the police, and before long he's up to his eyeballs in a murder mystery.  Meanwhile his beautiful wife (Hobson) stubbornly stands by her man.  This is a intricate, engrossing British thriller, quite good and very Hitchcockian at times. Look for the great "almost" twist ending.  From a nice 35mm print.

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