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(1947) Ray Corrigan, Lorraine Miller, Frank Merrill, Charlie King. This wacky jungle thriller is a scream! When you've got a monstrous white ape, lots of crazed natives, giant one-eyed stone idols, and Ray Corrigan as a disheveled jungle guide, who cares about the plotline? Ray just kind of stands around for a lot of the movie as footage from a silent jungle serial, PERILS OF THE JUNGLE, is used to fill in the gaps. Much of the time Ray is doing his best to looked "concerned" as the serial characters fight off various jungle menaces (gee, it's funny how none of them have any dialogue). There's also a goofy-looking native kid with some kind of mystical powers. Watch for the mighty clash between the white gorilla and a regular old dark gorilla. The fur really flies. This one's a real party film. The Psychotronic Film Encyclopedia called it "one of the cheapest and funniest features ever made." Hate to say it, but Ray was looking a little on the paunchy side when he made this wacked-out piece of Louie Weiss jungle fare. We highly recommend this classic turkey to all bad film aficionados. From 35mm.

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