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Horror LIVING DEAD, THE (1932)

(1932, Upgraded 12/22/23) Paul Wegener, Harald Paulsen, Maria Koppenhofer, Blandine Ebinger   An incredible film!  Wegener plays a mad scientist who murders his wife when her black cat knocks over a piece of strange equipment in his dungeon laboratory, and—like a true mad doctor—he walls her up in the basement .  After fleeing from the police, a determined reporter sets out to track him down.  Wegener escapes from the authorities in a truly novel way--first he hides out in a bizarre "House of Horrors" wax museum, then he feigns insanity and is sent to an asylum. The reporter traces him to the asylum, but he soon shivers with horror when he discovers the inmates have taken over!  Watch for the nail-biting "dinner" scene where the lunatics slowly encircle the reporter, intent on bringing his life to a ghastly end.  Wegener soon flees from the asylum.  He eventually ends up as the leader of a bizarre suicide club.  The scene where Wegener locks the reporter into a special torture chair in front of the giant "death clock" is a high moment in the film.  The black and white cinematography is to die for.  Based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Lewis Stevenson.  Considered a masterpiece.  Wow!  In German with English-language story-cards.   From 35mm.

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