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(1972) Mike Raven, Ronald Lacey, Stephen Bradley, Marguerite Hardeman. Raven is wildly over-the-top as a satanic disciple raised from the dead when blood from a virgin’s pricked finger trickles into his grave. A series of ritual killings follow. The human sacrifice scene during which a young lady’s heart is torn out on an altar is particularly gruesome. Ultra-cheap, but great fun. PLEASE NOTE: Our DVD master was made from a nice-color 16mm original print that we transferred ourselves. There are sections of the film that have some intermittent lines or scratches. These are noticeable in varying degrees, but the clarity of this print is vastly superior to anything previously available in the marketplace. Near the middle of the film there were a two short sections in which the lines and scratches were particularly noticeable. We have replaced those sections with footage from another source, which--while not as sharp--does not have any problems with lines and scratches. Overall, this is the best copy of this film that we have ever seen available. On top of that, it runs over 2 minutes longer than previous video releases. Yes...you get that actual footage where Raven cuts into the girl's chest before he pulls out her heart. This bit of footage is missing from other home video editions. DISCIPLE OF DEATH is a very intriguing film in its own gritty low-budget way. As crummy (yes, the word is crummy) as it may appear to the casual observer, it somehow grabs you and keeps your attention. We give it a hearty recommendation. Just make sure you watch it with a couple of beers or a glass of cheap wine.

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