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(1963) Pauline Elliott, Robert Barry, Lance Bird. We picked up this ultra-obscure horror film years ago and can’t even remember where we got it. It must have had a theatrical release because our source material was 35mm. How is it you ask? Really, really, really bad. This may be the lowest budget film we offer. Barry is not only the star, but the writer, producer, and director. We have to give him credit for trying, but the film is so awful it’s just amazing. Barry is a writer with writer’s block. He has eerie dreams about an abandoned house, which he’s actually using for the setting in his latest story. He sees visions of his own body down a well shaft near the house, then he sees his wife hanging from a noose. When his wife actually hangs herself, he drives to the house to meet his fate. There are long sequences of Barry wandering around the old place, seeing visions of horror, but these sequences seem endless. There is a sinister organ music score like Carnival of Souls, but it is so blaring you feel like your eardrums are being attacked. Argh! The dialogue scenes are long, long, long. The one good thing is that the actual house is a very spooky looking joint. If you can get all the way through the 69 minutes of House of Dreams in one sitting, you’ll owe yourself a big slap on the back. Any student of bad movies needs to subject himself to this. Look out! You’ve made me spill my coffee! From 35mm

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