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Horror COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1972, Upgraded 12/29/20) Paul Naschy, Vic Winner, Rossana Yanni, Haydee Politoff, Ingrid Garbo.  Four beautiful female travelers unknowingly take shelter Dracula's castle. Look out for the fangs!  The count is soon plunging his teeth into the necks of a number of beautiful babes.  The opening scene with the graverobber tumbling down the stairs with an axe stuck in his head while the opening titles roll by is quite memorable.  Naschy may not be Lugosi or Lee, but this movie is still a lot of fun.  Paul's final death scene is riveting.  Considered by many to be Nashy's best horror film.  Rated R for violence, nudity, and sex scenes.  Gorgeous color, from a widescreen 35mm print.   

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