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(1931, Tiffany, upgraded 11/25/23) Warner Oland, Lloyd Hughes, June Collyer, Clara Blandick, Hale Hamilton, Wallace MacDonald, Mischa Auer. A forgotten minor classic! Oland gives it his all as a mad doctor hellbent on revenge against the family that caused his daughter's death.  There are some great scenes in this film that show what a great horror star Oland could have been if given more roles like this.  Much of his dialogue is low-key but very sinister, as only Oland could deliver it: "But I want you, to cry out..."  The exchange between Oland and Blandick (who went on to play Aunty Em in the Wizard of Oz) is absolutely priceless.  There's a great lab scene at the beginning of the film with Kenneth Strickfadden style lab equipment.  Coincidentally enough, Oland's character is called "Boris Karlov," just months before Boris Karloff made headlines in Frankenstein.  The last half of the film takes place in a spooky old house.  Hamilton is wonderful as the inspector; Hughes and Collyer are great as the threatened couple.  Hilliard shines as Hughes' slimy brother who will sell his own family out to save his neck.  This is one of the very best of what are commonly known as  "Forgotten Horrors" movies of the 1930s.  You don't want to miss it.  Way cool.  From a Kodak original 16mm print.

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