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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #79

LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS (1956) Marion Michael, Hardy Kruger.  A topless, beautiful white jungle girl is discovered in the wilds of Africa living with a native tribe.  It's assumed she’s the lost granddaughter of a wealthy Brit. She's brought to London for a reunion but finds more danger in civilization than in the jungle.  A variation on Burroughs’ Greystoke legend.  Our most popular jungle film over the years.  This would probably be rated R for topless nudity.  Color, from 35mm.
UNNATURAL (1952) Eric Von Stroheim, Hildegarde Neff, Karl Boehm.  The weird story of an evil scientist who creates a beautiful femme fatale via artificial insemination.  Because her heritage is artificial, she has no soul or sense of morality and brings ruin to many.  This is easily one of the better medical sci-films ever made, with a brilliant script.  Neff and Von Stroheim play off each quite well in numerous well-staged scenes.  From 35mm.

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