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Drive in Double Features .DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #59

THE TERROR OF DR. HICHCOCK (1962) Barbara Steele, Robert Flemyng, Montgomery Glenn.  This is one of the best Italian horror films of the ‘60's. Wonderfully atmospheric with a great music score.  Barbara's the wife of a demented physician who’s haunted by the spectre of his first wife who died of a drug overdose.  The final scenes with Barbara running down the long tunnel way, only to encounter a hangman's noose, then Flemyng laughing and leering over her are not easy to forget.  Directed by Ricardo Freda.  Chilling and sometimes perverse—an unforgettable film. 84 min.  aka "HORRIBLE..." Great color, 35mm

THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF (1962) Howard Vernon, Conrado San Martin, Perla Cristal, Diana Lorys. Considered by many to be director Jesse Franco's best film. A mad doctor stalks the foggy back-streets in search of young girls whom he kidnaps and murders. He drains their blood and attempts to graft their skin to the horribly disfigured face of his daughter. Reminiscent in some ways of Lugosi's The Human Monster.  A bit perverse, but good. From a top 35mm print.

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