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Drive in Double Features ..DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #14

Upgraded 5/10/24

HORROR HOTEL (1960, U.S. Anamorphic Edition) Christopher Lee, Betta St. John, Valentine Dyall, Patricia Jessel. Classic British horror as a witch lures victims into a New England village for blood sacrifices to the devil. Creepy and atmospheric with a terrific climax that will really put you on the edge of your seat. The initial sacrifice scene really packs a punch!  "I am Elizabeth Selwyn..."  There are many other riveting moments.  WONDERFUL B&W cinematography to go along with fine performances by all.  A minor classic with a major following that's easily one of Christpher Lee's best films.  Don't miss it. From a top 35mm print.

THE HEAD (1959, Uncut Anamorphic Edition) Horst Frank, Michel Simon, Paul Dahlke, Herlmut Schmid, Christiane Maybach, Michel Simon. Another must-see film! A serum that keeps severed portions of the human body alive is used by a mad doctor on its own inventors decapitated head. Horst Frank, as Dr. Ood, is a total nut-job and gives what is easily one of the best mad scientist portrayals of the 1950s.  The insane purpose of his experiments is to give his hunchbacked nurse assistant a new body.  Creepy and atmospheric. A very gothic sci-fi horror film and one that we highly recommended. From a beautiful 35mm print.

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