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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by controversial editor and author, Raymond A. Palmer. “The Justice of Martin Brand” is a tale of interplanetary war where Earth was the prize. The half-crazed Martin Brand, who listened to classical music while rocketing toward a half-dozen enemy ships—atomic cannons blasting—was Earth's only hope. The much embittered former spy for the Interplanetary Patrol was the only one who knew about the Martian spaceships that lay waiting in a hidden cavern on the Moon. But to warn Earth, Brand needed to forsake vengeance on the man who betrayed him and cost him everything he held dear. Then there were the women: one who had sworn to kill him and another who had sworn to arrest him dead or alive. And if he made it that far, he'd have to fight his way to the surface through ten thousand Martians. But that's why they called him “Suicide” Martin Brand. And even if he did succeed in warning Earth, war would flare across three worlds! The second novel, “Bring Back My Brain!,” is a tale of alien menace from sci-fi veteran Dwight V. Swain. Their coming might spell doom for all of mankind. This was no ordinary dream—it was a nightmare! For when Clark Dane woke he didn’t know where he was or how he had come to be there. Nor could he remember anything about his past. He was also under guard…and under arrest for supposedly being a Kalquoi spy! The Kalquoi were shape-changing aliens who could masquerade as humans and were slowly taking over the galaxy, destroying everything that stood in their path. Now with the last of the human race in danger, Dane needed to find answers about his past, answers that would hopefully help him save the future of mankind. When Nelva Guthrie offered help, Dane found a strong and surprising ally. Together they searched for answers and a way to stop the Kalquoi, but the answers they found weren’t exactly what they expected!

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