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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Sargasso of Lost Starships” by one of the most heralded sci-fi authors of all time, Poul Anderson. The Terrans wanted Basil Donovan for a long interstellar voyage into one of the most feared regions of outer space. They needed him to guide them into the Black Nebula—a place from which few starships had ever returned. But Donovan hated the Terrans. They had conquered his planet and turned his life as a member of the Royal Family into a shambles. However, there was more to it than just hating the Terrans. Donovan had been one of the few men to ever come back from the Black Nebula alive. And since his return, his grip upon his own sanity had been tenuous at best. He had been a captive in the Black Nebula, the captive of a race of bizarre alien creatures whose mental powers were far beyond those of ordinary human beings. There was also a beautiful female alien waiting for him there, a green-eyed alien whom he both hated and loved. And he knew she would never let him go home again—alive. The second novel “The Ice Queen” was penned by one of the most prolific science fiction authors of the golden age of pulp magazines, Don Wilcox. An adventurous tale of a lost world, hidden beneath the ice. When Jim McClurg signed on to be ship’s artist on the Aurora, he thought he was embarking on a long rescue mission, a lengthy sea voyage into ice-infected Arctic waters in search of a lost fur trader, missing some five years. And all he had to do was paint lovely pictures for his eccentric employer. However, the Lady Lucille Lorruth wanted more than to find her missing husband. Somewhere in these frozen wastes was a fortune in furs, left in a secret cache several years earlier. A fortune she coveted perhaps even more than the life of her husband. But guarding them was a strange, beautiful girl—a girl who rode a fantastic white tiger with intelligence and seemingly super scientific powers. Together they guarded the entrance to a fantastic lost world hidden beneath vast layers of glacial ice.

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