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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Vengeance of Kyvor,” by Randall Garrett. The message from the Venusian government was clear—Earthlings stay away! However, Earth sent spaceships anyway, hoping to make contact with a brilliant Earth scientist hidden away in the Venusian jungles—a scientist who had devised a secret plan for over-throwing the cruel Venusian Empire. But when Lanina Harrison and her brother Wayne crash-landed in the middle of a Venusian rain forest, they found themselves in the hands of a fierce tribe of tree-people. Fortunately for them, the tree-people’s fiery-haired leader—known simply as Kyvor the Killer—was no friend of the Empire. Together they set out on a path that took them into direct conflict with the armed hordes of the emperor himself—a clash between the primitive forces of good and the well-armed, seemingly unstoppable forces of evil. The second novel is “At the Earth’s Core.” Come along and face the many dangers of this fantastic world, the likes of which could only have been created by the brilliant mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was called the mechanical mole, and inside of it, David Innes and Abner Perry bore through the world’s crust and traveled hundreds of miles down toward the very center of the Earth itself. Most unexpectedly, they broke into a strange inner world—the land of Pellucidar. Pellucidar was the land of eternal daylight. Its sun hung high above, perpetually immobile. It was a remarkable world where time and direction seemed not to exist. It was a world filled with prehistoric monstrosities, the likes of which Innes and Perry had only read about in science books. It was a place ruled by the dreaded Mahars. The Mahars—to whom human beings were nothing more than slaves.

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