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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is Joe Gibson’s “The Venus Enigma.” Kim Rothman was a seasoned space pirate, not afraid to take lives if necessary. Yet there was a purpose to his piracy—Earth’s corporations had made it almost impossible to survive financially in the colonial settlements on Mars, Venus, and in the asteroid belt, charging astronomical prices for necessary provisions and machinery. But soon his piracy led to his chance meeting with Frances Freemont, a female survivor of his last raid. She then led him on a wild adventure back to Earth, and then back into space to the mysterious, rain-soaked planet of Venus, where tall mountain peaks were permanently hidden within the reddish-orange clouds that surrounded the planet. Hidden within these jagged mountains was an age-old secret that would soon shock all of mankind. The second novel is “The Woman in Skin 13,” another fine tale by sci-fi great Paul W. Fairman. The ship came down into Lake Michigan around four o’clock in the morning, early in the month of June. It came very quietly for so large a ship, and the aliens riding within were amazingly swift and dreadfully efficient. These aliens—the Argans—were humanoid in appearance but the color of their skin was different. Like a quick-moving, deadly plague they moved in on Chicago, taking over the city before anyone really knew what was happening! They were intelligent and ruthless—and their hold over the city seemed impenetrable. But when a female alien was captured, the government came up with a desperate scheme: send in an Earth woman—her skinned tinted green—to impersonate a female alien and find a weakness to the aliens’ hold on the city.

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