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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “The Starship From Sirius,” by sci-fi veteran Rog Phillips. In the Martian year 3947 a strange ship was discovered approaching from space, getting ready to land—visitors from the stars! Would they be hostile? No one knew. There was no contact, no response, and its very presence seemed distinctly sinister to the overwrought imaginations of the people of Mars. When the ship finally landed, Dr. Irwin Crabtree and his two military escorts entered the ship’s open hatch and made a shocking discovery: Descendants of star voyagers that had left Earth many centuries before! They soon found themselves hurtling through space in an unexpected journey that nothing could have prepared them for. Join master science fiction storyteller Rog Phillips for a fascinating yet grim look at the Earth of the future in his brilliant sequel to “So Shall Ye Reap.” The second novel is “Final Weapon,” by Everett B. Cole. Throughout human history, Man has developed (and used) many deadly weapons of all shapes and sizes—from the crude stone knives of prehistoric days, to the muskets of revolutionary times, to the terrifying multi-megaton nuclear bombs of today. But here, in the not too distant future, the weapon that was the most effective in destroying a man’s hopes and security was…the file folder. That was the weapon Howard Morely truly loved and knew how to use best. But there was something far more potent to come. Join veteran science fiction author Everett B. Cole as he spins an engaging tale of a grim future, where telepathy machines exist and the world is run by strict military rules.

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