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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is another fine tale by Roger Moore Williams, “When Two Worlds Meet.” Kirkham came to Mars to work as an electrician for the Borrodrone Empire. He worked on simple things—broken radio sets, telescreens, etc. But when he started working on the inner electrical workings of a Martian helmet, he knew he was tampering with things better left alone. In fact, he knew that if he was caught it would probably cost him his life. Life was cheap on Mars and its value had continued to plummet ever since the Borrodrones had taken over. They had stamped out all resistance after coming into possession of a weapon so horrible that no other power could stop it. It was the Elsar beam—the weapon of the Gods. And in their possession, this mighty force of destruction might someday threaten the Earth itself. The second novel is “The Man Who Had No Brains,” by sci-fi veteran, Jeff Sutton. Imagine a world governed by geniuses! The shadow of a horrific Atomic War had never really lifted. Atomic research had been outlawed for well over four hundred years. In this world of the future the first rule was simple—no Atomics! Secondly, only people of the highest intelligence would ever be allowed to rule the planet Earth. But then a minor police agent from the backwaters of the South Pacific, Max Krull, was given the job of investiga¬ting a man’s death from strange radia¬tion burns. Someone had been playing with the atom again! Espers—who were mutants with extraordinary talents—were thought to be at the bottom of it. But what could their motive possibly be? And what incredible revelations would Krull’s investigation lead to?

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