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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is about the power of the human brain, “The Ties of Earth” by James H. Schmitz. It seemed like a remarkable lucky streak to be sure, but when Allan Commager went on an unprecedented fifteen-minute winning session at the craps tables, it set off an unexpected chain of events. He soon found himself at the house of someone he barely knew, surrounded by strange people, being subjected to parlor room experiments of the mind. But to a secret society known as “the Guides,” it was no trickery. And when Commager’s consciousness revived several hours later, he found himself sitting in front of a fish tank staring into its dark waters. It was then he knew that something was terribly wrong. Soon the mental powers of outside forces turned Commager’s world upside. There was something about his brain that caused them great concern—that caused them to fear him! The second novel is Thomas L. Sherred’s “Cue For Quiet.” It seemed like the worst headache imaginable. Pete Miller felt like his head was going to explode. But it turned out to be no ordinary headache. Pete’s suspicions were aroused when the TV set at Art’s bar went on the fritz. Then the engine in Freddie’s new car blew up. The next victim was the jukebox across the street at the High Hat. Not much later, another jukebox, this one at Harry’s place, also mysteriously broke down. But what could be causing all the trouble? Surely Pete’s throbbing brain couldn’t be culprit… T. L. Sherred spins a very memorable tale of a man with a headache—who found a cure for it. And that cure gave him more power than any man could ever dream of…

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