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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by John W. Jakes. “Old Spacemen Never Die” is about a hate that spilled across the galaxy. They were brothers…yes…but in name only. Each wanted the other dead—and they weren’t too timid about pulling a trigger or sinking a knife. One commanded a powerful galactic fleet, the other commanded a fleet of murderous space pirates. When they met in battle, a wave of unimaginable bloodshed soon spread across the galaxy. And then there was the woman, the wanton woman whom both brothers wanted for reasons unknown even to themselves—the woman whose nakedness of body and rawness of character only fanned the flames of their hatred even brighter. Famed author John W. Jakes spins an exciting, yet decidedly grim tale of bloody interplanetary conflict and intrigue. A story filled with hatred, love, lust, and death—all wrapped in the enigma of twisted human frailties. The second novel, “Return to Earth,” is by veteran sci-fi author Bryan Berry. There was a yearning by some Venusians to return home…to Earth. But there had never been any space flight. It was against the law! The Astronomical Institute had decided ages ago that it was impractical, and that no attempts should be made to break out of the Venusian gravitational field. And so space flight was made…taboo. So people the world over accepted this as fact. It was what they had been taught; it was what they believed. Citizens went about their daily lives with the firm belief that the human race had originated on Venus thousands and thousands of years before, never dreaming the truth, never guessing that humanity’s roots led back to Earth. But there were a few men who had doubts—just a few. Men like Mike Woolf, Kerry, and Rennig. Men who were—curious…

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