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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “The Man Who Stopped at Nothing” is by veteran sci-fi author and editor, Paul W. Fairman. The day that Dorn died he was thrown into an “other world,” the likes of which he had never dreamed of. Two worlds were struggling grimly for possession of his limp body. But Dorn didn’t mind. His soul was too occupied enjoying the luscious nude picking out her wardrobe! The second novel, “Ten From Infinity,” is another Fairman gem. Something was terribly wrong… It all started innocently enough. A pedestrian was hit by a cab in New York City. No doubt it was the only motor mishap in history with ramifications that reached out to the stars—for at the instant the accident happened, a signal far out in space was registered. Something wasn’t quite right, for the doctors discovered their accident patient had two hearts. It was the beginning of the realization that Earth had been invaded by 10 such creatures from outer space. Every effort was made to learn their purpose. An orbital flight was launched to spot alien bodies—only to be destroyed in space. One of the alien men was captured—but no threat of pain or death could unlock the secret in his brain. Something had gone wrong. And somehow, some method had to be found to make it right—before the threat of danger overwhelmed all mankind.

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