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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by one of the undisputed masters of science fiction, John W. Campbell, Jr. “The Moon is Hell” is grim tale of a group of astronauts who were stranded on the frozen, hostile lunar surface. This is the day-by-day account of thirteen men, scientists from Earth, in their conflict with the Moon—and with their own natures under pressure. It’s most certainly a grim story, amazingly real, so convincingly portrayed that in imagination you will join the thirteen in their explorations amid the jagged craters and the dust-shrouded plains of our satellite. You will sympathize with them in their efforts to wrest food and water and air from the arid, airless world. You will live the life they live. In short, you will enjoy this wonderful tale from beginning to end. The second novel is by another sci-fi veteran, Hal Clement. “The Green World” is about discovering the mysteries of an alien world. There were five of them: one guide and four eager scientists. Nothing unusual from the looks of things, except that they were smack dab in the middle of a steamy planet far away from Earth. There was also a monstrous cat-like monstrosity following their trail…and hungry for their flesh! Together the five of them scoured the wilds of Viridis, to gather up whatever scientific information the jungle and swamp-infested world could offer. They discovered puzzling yet wondrous mysteries. But little did they know that the planet itself was unwilling to give them the elusive answers they were looking for.

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