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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, Ross Rocklynne’s “Intruders from the Stars” is grand tale of “accidental” invasion. Earth lay in the grip of an alien beauty, Bess-Istra—a lovely but malevolent woman from beyond the stars. Yet how was this possible? She possessed only a single spaceship and a small force of soldiers. But her weapons were like nothing mankind had ever seen. She could ravage the planet’s surface in a few short days—and there was no way the combined forces of man could possibly stop her. The Earth was completely vulnerable to her unrelenting lust for conquest. Only a New York reporter and a Christian missionary from the wilds of Africa had any chance of swaying her intentions. And that chance seemed hopelessly slim—especially since she had captured the hearts of both men. The second novel is an outer space thriller by longtime sci-fi veteran, Chester S. Geier. “Flight of the Starling” is about man’s attempt to attain outer space flight at the speed of light. There was more to the maiden voyage of the Starling than just the ordinary test flight of another run-of-the-mill spacecraft. The Starling was the first of its kind—a spaceship built to travel at the speed of light. Enthusiasm for the adventure that lay ahead was high. Scientist and pilot alike were bursting at the seams with impatience to see if their suped-up rocketship would perform as hoped. A simple test run…that was all it was supposed to be. But simple is not often the way Mistress Science behaves, and on that day she decided to serve up a wicked curve ball—a curve ball right over the plate of the space-time continuum!

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