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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Operation Disaster” is a tale of an impending supernova by Milton Lesser. The Purnamese were known to be sun-worshippers, but their sun was on the verge of destroying them. Their world was doomed—a massive supernova was inevitable. Already having moved several times to planets further out from their increasingly unstable sun, the Purnamese culture started breaking down. Some fought against the forced migrations, fought hard with old beliefs, older customs—and they weren’t afraid to spill blood! Faced with catastrophe and fast losing hold of whatever civiliza¬tion they had left, two hundred million Purnamese fought to survive while a task force from Earth toiled to save their doomed culture and bring them into an intergalactic brotherhood with the rest of mankind. The second novel is about a wave of mass-murder that ravages America, “Land of the Damned,” by Berkeley Livingston. It all had happened so quickly. One moment everything was tranquil, the next moment the entire populace of the United States was trying to kill itself. But what was the cause? Two scientists who were lucky enough to have survived the carnage, along with a traitorous alien from the depths of outer space, knew the grim truth—the world had been invaded by a conquering horde from a distant planet. But the invading extraterrestrial force, in spite of its awesome power, was still vulnerable to human reprisal unless it was able to recover a fantastic ancient weapon buried deep in the Bad Lands of Utah—a weapon that would forever leave humanity in subjugation. Could the alien forces be stopped in time? It was a mad race against time, with mankind’s fate hanging in the balance.

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