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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “A God Named Smith” is a brilliant essay of the future by renown sci-fi author, Henry Slesar. The kind of people that Smith wanted for his new world was simple: If you believe you have superior and/or mental capabilities, and are interested in joining other men and women of your caliber in the most important enterprise of human history, you are invited to write for full details concerning the establishment of a new planetary home for the human race. This is an unprecedented opportunity to begin life anew on a better world: a world without fault and without end, where Nature is subservient to Man, and Man subservient to God; where beauty and perfection are more important than hate or lust; where Man can live in peace and harmony and eternal Truth. The only problem was that Smith turned out to be something less than a benevolent ruler. The second novel, “Worlds of the Imperium,” is by another great sci-fi veteran, Keith Laumer. It was high intrigue in an alternate universe. For Brion Bayard, the discovery of an alternate world to Earth, where history took a different turn in the road, was not a pleasant experience. When he was kidnapped kicking and screaming, it brought him some startling revelations. Here was a world in which there were identical double personages—including a dangerous and most hated dictator named Brion Bayard! His assignment seemed simple enough. Dressed as the dictator's double, Brion was to enter the enemy stronghold, kill the dictator, and take his place until law and order could be maintained. Unfortunately, assassination attempts are a mighty tricky deal and things do not always go as planned…

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