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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is another great thriller by top sci-fi author Rog Phillips. “World of If” deals with the complexities of “the dream world” where there are always unexpected variants. In our reality, the past is fixed, what happened to you yesterday can never be altered. But, what IF you could be placed under hypnosis for an eight-hour period, each second in the real world equaling a year in the dream world, and dream a whole different lifetime. And suppose that in that lifetime, some things were completely different, and some the same? Would you marry the same person? Witness the rise of Communism? Have the same trusted people by your side? But most importantly, what could there be to learn in your dream world that could be brought back—back to the world of reality? Are all of our fates linked by the same differences and similarities in both the real world, and in the Worlds of If..? The second novel is by an author known for his vivid imagination and wild tales, Don Wilcox. “Slave Raiders from Mercury” is a fast-moving thriller about an interplanetary black market for human slaves. In the most unbelievable manner possible, Lester Allison found himself hijacked to the planet Mercury. Once there he became a slave to a dying alien race, to be sold at auction to the highest bidder. However, the creature responsible for his kidnapping wasn’t a yellow-skinned alien, but a scientist—a scientist from Earth itself, in league with the potentates of Mercury. Allison might have resigned himself to his fate like the other humans who had come before him, but when a beautiful Earth woman came into danger, it set off a chain of events that threatened not only his life, but the lives of every living creature on the planet. A chain of events that culminated at Allison’s scheduled execution: the Rite of the Floating Chop.

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