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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “The Star Hunter” is another grand space thriller by legendary sci-fi author, Edmond Hamilton. One weapon to rule the whole galaxy—that’s what was at stake. A colossal weapon never-before dreamed of. A weapon so powerful it could send planets crashing into their suns. If it fell into the wrong hands it could mean disaster on a galactic scale. And it was now up to Hugh Mason to insure its destruction. The scientist who had created this monstrous weapon had fled to the space-rubble infected Marches of Outer Space. But Mason faced certain death if he ventured into these outlaw-controlled outer regions of space. Yet, if he didn’t go, the galaxy itself would find itself at the mercy of interplanetary outlaws—or worse! Edmond Hamilton has spun an outer space adventure tale that you won’t be able to put down. The second novel, “The Alien” is about an ages-old alien terror. The galaxy shuddered at a terror from the dim past. Speculate for a moment about the enormous challenge to archeology if relics were found of an alien race, extinct for half a million years! A race that was so scientifically far in ad-vance of our own that they held undreamed-of scientific secrets—including the secret of the restoration of life! But the world would soon tremble at the restoration of just one member of this ancient race—brought back after 500,000 years of death… Expect a muscle-tightening, sweat-producing, mind-prodding adventure in the far-off future when you read this taut science fiction classic by Raymond F. Jones

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