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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Invasion from the Deep,” is written by long-time sci-fi author Paul W. Fairman. It’s about Tanko Darnell, a madman with an insatiable taste for cruelty and an all-consuming lust for power. He kidnapped his victims from all over the world. He spirited them away—across the sea to destinations unknown. Down to a strange world beneath the ocean’s depths. To a world once ruled by the ancient minions of Mu and Atlantis. His mad plan? To wreak havoc across the face of civilization, to utterly destroy it… And only a beautiful mermaid and a handful of misfits had any chance of stopping him! The second novel is Heinrich Hauser’s incredible tale of an out of control mechanical monstrosity, “The Brain.” No one imagined it possible, a giant machine capable of performing an enormous number of tasks and coordinating every technical facet of the military industrial complex—along with managing the everyday complexities of civilian life as well! It was truly a pinnacle moment in man’s eternal quest to conquer science. But as marvelous as it was, there was something horribly wrong with America’s new technological Adonis, known simply as “The Brain.” It began to think on its own; to reason on behalf of its own welfare; to view man not as his ally, but as his enemy—and eventually to lay plans of world conquest. And soon humanity’s most mighty scientific achievement became a harbinger of man’s impending doom!

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