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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, "The Metal Doom," is a grand sci-fi adventure by venerable sci-fi author, David H. Keller, M. D. Imagine a world without metal… When all the metal was gone, the civilized world ended. People like the Tublers and John Stafford started the slow rebuilding of society—a job made difficult enough by the lack of metal tools and weapons. But there were others trapped in the “new” stone age—roving bands of marauders who relished the new barbarism and whose only drive was to steal or destroy whatever ground the “builders” had regained! This memorable science fiction classic is a sprawling tale of an Earth gone awry. It is a brilliant, thought-provoking novel that deals with a terrifying premise—the possibility that one day the civilized world might crumble from an incredible new “disease.” A disease that could transform all of the world’s metal into fine red rust! The second novel, "Twelve Times Zero," is about a murderess from beyond Earth. It was the craziest story the cops had ever heard from anyone under a hard core police grilling. After all, who could believe that a strange dame came out of nowhere, clubbed two people to death, and then disappeared into a ball of blue light? Kirk knew there wasn’t much chance he could beat the rap… It was a love-triangle murder that was splashed all over the headlines of the day. However, the real answer lay hundreds of thousands of light years away in this tremendous novel from sci-fi’s golden age.

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