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For the first time in paperback, Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by sci-fi veteran, Don Wilcox. “Secret of the Serpent” is about a strange planet adrift in space beyond the edge of the solar system. Its vegetation was lush, its atmosphere was pure, and it was home to the most bizarre life forms imaginable. Bob Garrison awoke fitfully to find himself nearly submerged in a grimy stream in a deep, dark crevasse. He had forgotten everything about his former life. He had forgotten almost everything about his former planet…Earth. But in his new life as a serpent on this strange faraway world, he had already learned a great deal—including how to eat a human being in one bite! The second novel, “Crusade Across the Void” is about the “scum” of the spaceways. At least that’s what the interplanetary police called them. The captain and crew of “the Ghost” were seasoned veterans of outer space, but not with the best of reputations. They were largely outlaws, rebels, and fugitives, coming from all corners of the solar system—creatures of bizarre sizes and shapes. Many of them were horrifying in their appearance, but all were drawn together in a brotherhood of booty. Loyal to their hard-jawed Earthling captain, Wolf Stone. However, when the Lundars threatened the peace of the system, skilled fighters were needed and the crew of the Ghost stood as one blood with the Crusaders. Written by well-known sci-fi author, Dwight V. Swain.

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