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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Rx Jupiter Save Us” deals with the coming of freedom. It was a strange world, where absolutism reigned without violence, and rebels were sure that—once their strength became known—the rulers would abdicate power gracefully. But Green Ed-jo, Jovian freak, knew differently—and saw very little desirability between the tyranny of the Plotbureau…and the chaos of the Readers. Ed-jo and his allies knew that if man wasn’t free to choose, he wasn’t free at all. And if so, it was better to be superseded by ma-chines. This thought-provoking novel was written by Ward Moore. The second novel, “Beware, the Usurpers!” by Geoff S. Reynard, is an exciting sci-fi horror tale. Monsters in the streets? “Only if you’re drunk!” you say? Think again. A shotgun blast to the face could change any man’s perspective. Jerry Wolfe knew this, and he paid for his new view on life…with his own life. William Chester and his comrades were determined to take up Jerry’s crusade against an invading Alien scourge. The only problem being that not everyone could see the interlopers.

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