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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Address: Centauri” by F.L. Wallace. The accidentals were human…but not human enough for Earth. Humans had abolished nearly every disease, deformity, and defect; but there were still a few that couldn’t be fixed by surgery or cures. Those people who couldn’t be cured or repaired to reflect the perfection of the rest of the populace just didn’t belong. They were called accidentals. Their home was an asteroid called Handicap Haven—the residents called it the Junkpile. But there were those among the accidentals who longed for something better—a greater sense of freedom, and the vast reaches of space seemed to hold promise of that. So against the wishes of the Solar Committee, the Junkpile was piloted out of the solar system, toward the Centauri cluster. The only question remaining was whether or not the renegade asteroid could reach its new home before the long arm of the committee could reach out and stop them. The second novel is “If These Be Gods” by well-known sci-fi author Algis Budrys. When you board an airliner for a flight from New York to Los Angeles, you don’t expect to end up on another planet. But that’s exactly what happened to the crew and passengers of Flight 106. The flight had seemed so ordinary. The pilot received his green light from ground control; the takeoff went very smoothly; and there had been no turbulence to deal with. Fifteen minutes after boarding, the stewardess was getting to know her passengers in her usual, cheery manner. Everything seemed A-okay. But an abrupt mid-air collision changed the lives of all on board, who suddenly found themselves in the custody of alien forces from another world. These alien captors proclaimed that return to Earth was impossible—their new home would soon be the planet Venus. But there were two on board who had other ideas. Sammy Walters and Sue Painter were two Earthlings bound and determined to find a way back to their home planet. The only question was…how?

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