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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Flame Jewel of the Ancients” by Edwin L Graber. The Tane Jewel was thought to be only a legend—a tiny golden sphere, no bigger than a Terran grapefruit, containing limitless power. Its origins were unknown, but according to the legends, it was thought to have been possessed by the incredible Tane—the strange race of creatures who had ruled the Galaxy long before the advent of the human race. However, when two massive Terran Galactic battleships were obliterated by a small Delban battle cruiser, the legend suddenly became a horrifying reality. The Tane Jewel had been discovered in deep space and was now the prize possession of the Delban Empire and its ruthless dictator, Gort Bro-Doral, whose scientists had tapped its terrifying energy. Now this madman had the galaxy’s most powerful weapon in his arsenal. The future of civilized planets everywhere were greatly in doubt… The second novel is “The Pirate Planet” by sci-fi and horror author Charles W. Diffin. It started with a strange blinking light on faraway Venus. Soon there was a mysterious visitor hovering in the skies over mother Earth—a visitor that was the forerunner of a possible invasion from space. And then it was war—Interplanetary war. No one on Earth could have imagined how it was all going to turn out, but in the cloud-shrouded depths of Venus two Americans were perhaps Earth’s best hope. These two fearless fighters stood up to a planet that had literally run amok, trying to find and destroy a horrible weapon that might spell the end of mankind. So from Earth and Sub-Venus there soon converged a titanic offensive of justice, brought against the ruthless and seemingly unstoppable man-things of Torg…

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