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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Nine Worlds West” by well-known author and editor Paul W. Fairman. Greta Lansing wanted ex-space pilot Cort Leggitt to fly her to the planet Pentar in search of her kidnapped father. She had heard through the space grapevine that Leggitt had nerves of steel and could fly in and out of any planetary system. But Leggitt had been blacklisted by the Pilot’s Guild the year before after a freak jet backfire accident had left five of his clients burned to a crisp. However, Lansing’s money—and her overwhelming beauty—had been more than enough to coax him back into the pilot’s seat. After navigating through one of the worst asteroid fields in the galaxy, Greta’s party found themselves crash-landed on a planet ruled by a brazen Earth-born gangster and his tall alien henchmen. But with the help of two six-legged Martian tigers, along with the blind allegiance of a multitude of hairless alien pygmies, Greta Lansing soon found her status changed from space fugitive to planetary divinity. The second novel is “Frontiers Beyond the Sun” by Rog Phillips. Dr. Simon Kirk was a true company man. He was the divisional director of the mighty Cominc Corporation, and many felt that at age thirty-one he was much too young to hold such a lofty position. But his future seemed bright, and he was smugly satisfied with himself. In fact, his overall brilliance had put him in line to become the next president of the company. Then one day a strange interruption in communications service led him to a distant relay station that lay many hours away in the sprawling wastelands that had once been the United States of America. Inside this remote building Simon Kirk met his destiny; and slowly he changed from an obedient executive who held power over legions of mindless slaves, to a leader in a hidden city of free men. But whether that city could survive or not remained to be seen, as the long arm of the world’s corporate cartel reached out to smother and destroy it.

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