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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Before the Asteroids” written by veteran sci-fi author Harl Vincent. Of the unexplained mysteries of our solar system, none present more possibilities for the imagination than the origin and nature of the asteroids—ranging in diameter from a few miles to a several hundred. These bodies seem to present an eternal question mark to the scientists endeavoring to discover how our system came into existence. Harl Vincent’s ingenious story recounts a stirring interplane¬tary drama. Vincent supposes that a tremendous conflict to the death may have been waged between highly ¬civilized races. Long has it been that war has torn families and neighbors apart; in this classic tale, war seeds the destruction of an entire planet—possibly explaining what was there Before the Asteroids… The second novel is “The Sixth Glacier” by Marius. Stephen Reynard Dunraven was a talented amateur Paleontologist on a geological dig in the wilds of Mexico. While crawling around inside ancient ruins, Dunraven discovered that an ancient civilization had existed before our own, one that had been destroyed by what was commonly known as “the fifth ice age.” But Dunraven had also discovered an ancient scientific calendar, a calendar that indicated when the next devastating ice age would shake the world. If true, Dunraven knew that glaciers from either pole would soon push the entire population of the Earth toward the equatorial zones; the civilized world would be thrown into utter chaos. Dunraven tried to warn the world of this impending doom. But no one cared to listen—not until it was too late. And soon the only question left unanswered was…could Mankind survive the coming of the Sixth Glacier?

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