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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Planet of Small Men” by sci-fi wizard Murray Leinster. Lon Howel’s spaceship crashed out of overdrive into a star system he was unfamiliar with. It was a last, desperate attempt to elude an alien spacecraft that was chasing him. The alien ship had come from a saffron-colored star near the Crab Nebula; and though the ship was much smaller than Howel’s, it had attacked with weapons far in advance of anything known to Terrans. Lon knew that he and his three-man crew would have to sacrifice their lives before they could allow the aliens to trail them back to mother Earth. So Howel and his people headed toward a nearby green planet that circled a ringed yellow sun in the distance. But when they landed on this unknown world they found a race of people more unique than anyone could have imagined—a people that seemed both hyper-intelligent and primitive at the same time. Unfortunately, they also seemed to have a very casual attitude toward impending danger, an attitude that could prove disastrous since a massive alien fleet was bearing down on their world. The second novel is “Masters of Space” by noted sci-fi masters Edward E. Smith and E. E. Evans. The Masters had ruled all space with an unconquerable iron fist. But the Masters were gone now, and a new, young race has come to take their place. Young Jarvis Hilton is in charge of a special team of scientists—men and women alike—who set out on an outer space mission known as “Project Theta Orionis.” In their mighty starship they journey into deep space, but soon find themselves encountering a mysterious skeletal object, as well as being witness to an epic space battle. Their voyage eventually leads them to a strange planet covered with radioactive fuel ores, and populated with android creatures who have been expecting their arrival and soon hail them as their returning masters! But even with their combined strength, can they hope to defeat the dreaded ancient Enemy of All?

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