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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Mirage for Planet X” by well-known science fiction author, Stanley Mullen. It’s interplanetary intrigue at its best. Torry had come to Mars looking for a man named Roper. They had been partners once—until Torry had found out what kind of man his partner really was. So with revenge and more on his mind, Torry set out for a public auction, an auction that featured two pieces of merchandise that would soon bring the worst elements of the Solar System into a showdown of frenzied bidding. The prize was sealed in two crates, its contents unknown. Yet scavengers from a dozen barbaric Moons; adventurers from nameless, semi-explored asteroids, arrived for the deathless auction…to bid on Roper’s mysterious crates, the contents of which held the promise of a massive interplanetary confidence job, or the key to salvation for a dying race of people. The second novel is “Police Your Planet” by heralded sci-fi author and editor, Lester del Rey. His ticket to Mars was stamped: “One-way.” “Police Your Planet” is a good old-fashioned science fiction adventure yarn. Yet it also has all the earmarks of a gritty hard-boiled cop novel. It’s the story of Bruce Gordon, a man sent to Mars with a one-way ticket. A man with a controversial past who faces danger and corruption in the far-off city of Marsport, Gordon wasn’t crazy about the town, which was basically a central city covered by gigantic air dome surrounded by a massive slum. Gordon soon found himself tangled in a web of intrigue, caught in the middle between two warring factions, both riddled in corruption. He is soon attacked with fists, knives, clubs, and guns (nope, not ray-guns—these things fire bullets!) But the key for Bruce Gordon was finding a way to bring both sides to their knees without losing his life!

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