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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by veteran sci-fi author, Chester S. Geier. “Outlaw in the Sky” is all about the wild west of the Martian frontier. These wilds were open for the taking, and Terrans had come to the red planet in droves, just to have a crack at starting a new life. But those grim pioneer days on Mars formed a lush field for ruthless men, too. And far too often, greed and murder were their accepted methods. Cory Balleau had come to Mars as a boy during those pioneer days. Along with his mother and his uncle, they planned to make a fresh start at life in the Martian grasslands. But as the years flew by, he witnessed tragic events that changed his life forever. Before long he was a bitter, troubled young man, greatly skilled with the use of his deadly pyro-gun. His desire to use this weapon nearly drove him to the point of no return; but could the love of a beautiful young woman sway him from the path of revenge and his own eventual self-destruction? The second novel is Raymond Z. Gallun’s “Legacy from Mars.” Ray Gallun wrote a plethora of science fiction tales during his long, distinguished career. He wrote great tales of space adventure, travels through time, and cosmic intrigue. However, in this remarkable and unique tale, he takes us to the wilds of Mars and the discovery by a weather-beaten trio of Earth space merchants of the last two surviving Martian sea creatures. They were creatures not unlike the fish of Earth’s oceans, with the exception of two details—they had tiny almost human-like hands at the end of their fins, and their intelligence was nearly as great as a human being. Their names were Marty and Martia, and the story of their rescue from Mars and their subsequent voyage to Earth and all the adventures that followed is one of the most extraordinary and entertaining tales to ever grace the pages of an Armchair Fiction Double Novel.

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