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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is a fine tale by veteran science fiction author, S. J. Byrne, “Land Beyond the Lens.” His destiny lay beyond the lens. Michael Flannigan was an Earth scientist and a rocket test pilot, used to dealing with scientific facts and the language of cold, hard logic. Yet, throughout his whole life Flannigan had heard destiny calling—or singing—to him. Though he chased it to every continent on the globe, it eluded him. So then he went to the moon… On board his spacecraft, Flannigan was plagued with dreams of a strange world and a desperate race of people. But what did these dreams mean and what, if anything, did they have to do with a world as barren and lifeless as the moon? However, with the discovery of a gigantic lens encased within a massive wall of lunar rock, Flannigan soon learned that the lens itself was a doorway—a doorway to the world of his dreams and the answer to his destiny. The second novel is “Diplomat-at-Arms” by master science fiction writer, Keith Laumer. Mankind was on the verge of interplanetary war. Retief had just one job on the planet Northroyal—to save the galaxy from total madness and a long, destructive war. But unfortunately his assignment verged on the suicidal. It was a mission so intricate, so desperate, that its chance of success was practically nil. Not only would he have to use bravado, belligerence, and wit to bully his way through the planet’s lower echelons of power, but his aging body would also be put to the ultimate tests of physical combat; and if successful, he would find himself in the unenviable position of being tried as a traitor and executed. So with a frayed cloak and an old horse and a packet in his saddlebags—not to mention blood, guts, and brains—he set out to meet his destiny. Join Keith Laumer as he spins a remarkable, nailing-biting tale of interplanetary intrigue.

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