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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Time Trap,” is by former Hugo Award nominee, Rog Phillips. It was a doorway into the future… When two well-known nuclear engineers crossed a common telephone with the latest kind of nuclear induction units, they got a lot more than they bargained for. In fact they got something that even Alexander Graham Bell could have never imagined in his wildest dreams—a telephone with a direct connection into the future! And there was a voice on the other end of that connection…a human voice. But just whom did this voice belong to and what did her whispered words of warning really mean? The two astonished engineers, Joe Ashford and Ray Bradley, were soon knee-deep in the creation of a time machine that could carry them into the distant future, a future where the United States was threatened by a horrible three-eyed menace from Earth’s past. The second novel is a terrific tale by Alexander Blade, “The Cosmic Destroyer.” There was big time woman trouble in outer space. Sam Barron and the crew of his spaceship returned to their home planet, only to find themselves jeered at, shot at, and made to feel unwelcome in the loudest, angriest way possible. Death seemed an inevitable outcome should they decide to stick around. What Sam and his crew soon found out was that all Earthmen had been exiled. The reason why? One lone man had decided to “rescue” a young (and ever so lovely) priestess of the Amazon women. However, unknown to this female opportunist was that his fair priestess also possessed an incredible power—a power potent enough to destroy an entire galaxy! So Sam and his crew realized they had two choices: Leave home forever…or find the girl and bring her back. But finding the girl was not an easy task due to the assassins, mercenaries, and other parties in pursuit of the impetuous priestess. Who would find her first? And who, if anyone, could convince her to go back?

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