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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel “Outpost Infinity” is a terrific tale by Raymond F. Jones. The Tantalus Express was a top-of-the-line passenger ship, carrying her travelers incredible distances amounting to thousands of light years. But tonight she was overdue—late by a meager six minutes. Yet those back on Earth knew that even being a few seconds late spelled disaster for the 2500 passengers and crew. They knew the Express was lost somewhere in an unknown realm that even the most brilliant scientists could only conceive of in abstract theoretical terms. And now, adrift in the terrible grayness beyond the universe, the passengers and crew of the Express waited hopelessly for death…while Carl Mayhew, the only man who could aid them, plunged ever deeper into the multiplying coils of outer darkness—where every road leads away from safe, normal Earth, toward—Outpost Infinity! The second novel is “The White Invaders” by master science fiction writer, Ray Cummings. It was an invasion from another dimension. When a young boy told Don Livingston that he'd seen what he thought was a ghost, Don could only chuckle at the young man, to whom he gave assurances that ghosts were far from real. However, to prove the boy wrong, and perhaps even out of a strangely compelling sense of curiosity, Livingston and one of his pals checked out the distant hill where the boy had seen his apparition. The boy had described it as “a ghost that had floated toward him and passed through a rock.” Livingston, with shotgun in hand, soon discovered he wasn’t dealing with a ghost. Nor was it a wild animal. Much to his amazement Don Livingston discovered that he was facing the very real threat of an invasion from another realm—the fourth dimension. They came to be known as “the White Invaders,” and every human on Earth was faced with extermination if they weren’t stopped.

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