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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel in this edition is grand old-fashioned space adventure, “Outpost on the Moon” by Joslyn Maxwell. George Marland was amazed at Barton Wiley’s startling discovery—the creation of a new kind of matter that was able to cancel out the effects of its own gravity. This soon led to Wiley’s creation of something even more phenomenal—a revolutionary spacecraft, capable of deep space flight and landing on other planets. It wasn’t long before Marland and Wiley were headed toward Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor…the moon! But when they landed on the barren Lunar surface they were astonished to find that they were not alone. A secret outpost had been established there by a team of Earth scientists several years earlier. The outpost was headed by perhaps the most brilliant man alive, an odd-looking scientist named Forscher, whose dream to reach out to the other planets would soon become a reality…The second novel is another forgotten gem by veteran sci-fi writer S. J. Byrne, “Potential Zero.” It had been an amazing event. The Vanyans had journeyed across space and landed their flying saucers right in the middle of Washington, D. C. Their ships had been surrounded by every conceivable piece of weaponry the military had in its possession. But the Vanyans had come bearing generous gifts and knowledge for all of humanity. And the people of Earth, at first, received these interplanetary visitors—and their gifts—with open arms. But as it is with human nature, such a show of unadulterated kindness prompted many toward fear…and distrust…and eventually hatred. Soon men were asking questions: What was behind the Vanyans seemingly unselfish good will? And what would they ask from Earth in return? But the biggest question of all was how would mankind treat their newfound friends from space?

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