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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel “Locked Worlds” is an all-time great sci-fi classic by Edmond Hamilton. In a controversial experiment in physics, Dr. Adams set out to prove his wild theory that the atom was the key to an alternate world—a world that was tied to our own. Bombarded with criticism from his peers, he concocted a fantastic and diabolical plan to turn the world into a living hell. However, when two of his peers, Harker and Rawlins, discovered the truth about Adams and his plans, they raced against time to find a way to stop him from destroying not just one world, but two! However, they soon learned that the horror they faced together wasn’t nearly as bad as the horror that would come to pass if Adams’ insane plans weren’t stopped. This is a most unique and original story, penned by one of the true masters of science fiction, Edmond Hamilton. It fairly bristles with exploits in the fourth dimension and foreign worlds, laden with adventure and excitement throughout. The second novel “The Land That Time Forgot” is truly a classic sci-fi adventure tale. Come along and face the many dangers of this fantastic world, the likes of which could only have been created by the brilliant mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Bowen Tyler’s adventure began with a terror-haunted trip as a captive in an enemy submarine. It ended on the rocky shores of a lost world, an unmapped land forgotten by the rest of humanity, where the wild beasts and the beast-men of the Stone Age still lived and fought as they had hundreds of thousands of years ago. What was the secret of this mysterious continent, where the march of time had apparently stopped and where giant dinosaurs, ferocious saber-tooth tigers, and savage ape-men still struggled for their lives with tooth and claw? “The Land that Time Forgot” is an epic of imagination and science fiction adventure by one of the greatest science fiction authors of the Twentieth Century, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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