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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel “Whom the Gods Would Slay” is written by long-time sci-fi author Paul W. Fairman. Ordinary women usually give birth to ordinary offspring. But Princess Lall of the planet Mars was far from being ordinary—and her children were even less so. In fact, they were hideous and hungry little things—such was the way of things on Mars. But soon after imposing total devastation upon her home planet, Princess Lall needed a new place to live…and a new place to breed. Her destination? Earth! But on Earth a mighty Viking, Rolf of the Golden Horn, had been forewarned of Princess Lall’s coming. And to stave off her maniacal threat he put together a band of heroes like no other ever assembled. With his brothers-in-arms, one Nubian slave, and the wonder of a new God not yet known to the Viking realms, Rolf and his cadre set out on a journey to the unknown with only one magic wolf’s paw and a grand notion of saving the world. The second novel “Men in the Walls” is another fine tale by William Tenn. What had happened to the human race? In the far off future humanity had been reduced to Stone Age tribes, living in an endless series of tunnels…or burrows as they now called them. They lived in fear of the creatures that had conquered the world ages ago. These creatures were called “the Monsters,” and they had reduced humanity’s numbers to prehistoric levels and sent the survivors scampering into the darkness. But Mankind lived in hope of someday casting out these subjugators. And from birth, all humans were instilled with a firm belief that the reclaiming of the science of their ancestors was the key to this goal. Only there were a few men who no longer subscribed to this belief, a belief that—over the ages—had festered into a religious fanaticism. And when this awakening to a different way to freedom came to the minds of these men, they chanced the wrath of mankind’s tribal hierarchy, thus posing the question: which were Monsters and which were Men?

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