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Horror NIGHTMARE CASTLE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1965, Upgraded 12/6/20) Barbara Steele, Paul Muller Helga Liné, Giuseppe Addobbati, Rik Battaglia, Marino Mase. A terrific film!  Barbara, as Muriel, is unhappily married to Muller (a crazed scientist), and has a fling with the butler/gardener.  The doctor in turn tortures (with acid) and murders them both in a most terrifying way.  The bed electrocution scene is one of the most wicked moments in any of Barbara's horror films.  Muller then uses Barbara's blood and heart to bring back youth to Solange, played by Helga Liné, his wizened old assistant.  Once transformed, Line becomes the ravishing beauty of her youth.  But the fly in the ointment is Barbara's stepsister, Jenny (also played by Barbara) to whom Barbara has left everything to in her will.  Muller and Liné both plot against Jenny, but things go horrifyingly wrong when both Muriel and her dead lover return from the grave for revenge. When Barbara's horribly disfigured face is revealed in the film's climax, it went on to become one of the most iconic moments of Barbara's career.  Italian horror films didn't get much better than this.  From a beautiful 35mm widescreen print.

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